Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Why is mineral makeup better than regular makeup?

me wearing my DIY mineral makeup

“Why is mineral makeup better than regular makeup”
This is a tricky question as regular makeup is a broad term. Depending on what makeup you are comparing to mineral makeup the reasons may vary slightly. Generally speaking there are a few main reasons why mineral makeup is better for your skin.

Basically what makes mineral makeup different from other commercial cosmetics is the ingredients, mineral makeup has less ingredients, no “bad” ingredients, and ingredients are beneficial to the skin. Commercial makeup contains quite a few ingredients most of which are synthetic, chemicals, fragrances, oils, waxes, parabens, irritants, and preservatives. Where as mineral makeup keeps it simple from 2 to 8 ingredients, most recipes are very basic. Less ingredients mean less chance of irritation, as well as less stress on the skin. Also, most of the ingredients used in mineral makeup are benefitual to the skin in some way, whether it is providing SPF, soothing irritated skin, healing acne and broken skin, or promoting cell growth, most ingredients have a purpose besides just looking pretty.

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