Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How to make your own nailpolish

Here's how you can make your own nailpolish using pigments from Glitter Unique! Thanks Nikki for the instruction and help!!!

" I usually add a small amount of pigment(color changer) to a bottle filled with base and 2 stainless steel mixing balls, then add a tiny bit of black base. It’s better to add a little bit of base at a time because if you add too much black you won’t be able to see the pigment well.  I am sorry I can’t give better instructions but I never measure so it’s hard to say."

Thursday, August 7, 2014

quick lesson in layering eyeshadows!

How to layer eyeshadows....

Kohl + Iridescent blue = metallic frosty deep blue.....How to layer eyeshadows for a iridescent/ frosted metallic look..... Start with a dark base (using my Kohl black color.) Layer a light highlight/ iridescent/ frosty color (using my iridescent blue color) creates a icy metallic blue!......

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lipbalm series: Kool-aid & fruit drinks

Ok. So I love kool-aid. Love to drink it, and I remember when I was a kid, buying some koolaid lipbalm from a friend. I figured starting with one of the cheapest, and easiest DIY lipbalms would be a good start.

Kool-aid packets (or any flavored drink mix)
Petroleum Jelly

Ok, so it is pretty simple. I don't measure, you pretty much can guess with this recipe.

1. All you need to do is get about a spoonful of Vaseline (you can measure it out it you know how much your lipbalm jars hold, I did about 1 tablespoon, then melt it down, stove top, or in the microwave, melt slowly until the Vaseline is liquid.

2. After the Vaseline is a liquid, simply pour a packet of kool-aid into the cup, until the vaseline is colored, and all the grains of koolaid have dissolved. Mix well.

3. Pour the warm liquid into your clean lipbalm jars, and let sit for 1 hour, or until set.

Ok. so thats it! Very simple! I did notice a few colors worked a little bit better than other, and ALSO some mixes never fully dissolved (I will list my notes along with some pictures of the colors below, alot of the flavors ended up looking the exact same. But some were unique and fun.) These lipbalms make great summer gifts, especially for tweens, and kids, as the flavors are fun, the colors in the jars can be pretty crazy (but don't leave any color on your lips at all.)

This project would be great for kids, babysitting, sleepover, ect. I had fun, and would use this lipgloss for days where I basically just want a clear base, with some yummy flavor!

STAY AWAY from sugar free or "invisible" flavors, as the sugar free splenda, DOESNT dissolve, and the clear colors, will obviously be clear (unless you want a clear color, with flavor I guess)

ALSO, consider trying out single serving koolaid mixes, they already have sugar added, so a bit sweeter, and fun for small projects! There is even the liquid flavor drinks, that I played around with (which was super hard to mix, but turned out leaving a stained berry look, LOVE!

OK, here are the colors up close, and my thoughts on each color!

OK! So by far these were my favorite looks! Really pretty pastel colors! Perfect for summer.... We have..
*Orange- Created a pretty pastel pink (with hints of peach) blended perfect, and smells and taste yummy!
*Peach Mango-Gorgeous peach color, again gorgeous, and yummy would definitely use again!
Lemonaid- not a huge lemonaid fan, but this looks cute with the others, and is a refreshing flavor
Blue-raspberry lemonaid- really yummy flavor, and barely there blue tint
Pink lemonaid- very light purple color, blended well

Strawberry Kiwi- pretty pale purple, blended well
*Watermelon- looks just like strawberry kiwi, but blended even better!
Sharkleberry Fin- Didn't blend well, grainy, looks like the first too.
Cherry Limeade- Blended well, medium purple color
Cherry- EH. ugly color and didn't blend well...

Mixed Berry- Eh. not loving the color, and it didn't blend well, ended up grainy
Grape- Again the color is kindof a ugly blue purple, and it didn't blend well.
Tropical punch- eh. bit grainy and a bit ugly. Not impressed.
*Strawberry- Blended perfect, ended up a deep dark purple, pretty, but not really a kid color.
Black cherry- Dark pretty purple, blended pretty good, but I prefer strawberry

COMING SOON>....... DIY lipbalm/ lipstain....

Friday, May 2, 2014

Perioral dermatitis

my skin finally clearing up

So. This has been a long post coming, basically after quite a few years of what I thought was adult acne, I found out I have perioral dermatitis. Which is pretty similar, but needs to be addressed in a different manner. All this time I thought I had some kind of adult acne, or hormonal acne, been to two dermatologist, and have been treating my "acne" with the standard benzyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and even RX like benzaclin, azelic gel, differin, and others.

AH ACNE/ Perioral dermatitis is so frustrating! For the longest time I couldn't stand not wearing makeup, like if anyone was going to see me, I had to be wearing foundation & coverup. But finally my skin is clearing up, and I am becoming more comfortable with my skin, and how I look.

Anyways I will try to keep this short, and wont go into too much detail about what exactly it is, basically it is a rash that usually women ages 20-40 get, looks like acne, usually shows up only around the mouth, nose, and neck. Kindof like a mix between acne & eczema.

Sorry I didn't post pictures of what is looks like (I couldn't find any pictures that looked like mine), It can get pretty intense, mine is definitely on the mild size, I have a bit of redness, and I will get little to medium bumps, that look like acne, and sometimes feel like cystic acne. I figure if you got it you know you got it, and if you think you have adult acne, check with your dermatologist because like me, you might have Perioral dermatitis.

What causes it? What to avoid:
- Steroid creams (even nasal steroid sprays)
- Fluoride & tarter control toothpaste (AND SLS in toothpaste)
- SLS, sulfate shampoos, bodywash, ect
- Parabens, Paraffin, petrolatum,
- Strong fragrances, chemicals, makeup, face creams, ect
- Environmental factors (wind, weather, UV light)
- Yeast & germs bacteria living on skin (some say candida albicans)
- Oral contraceptive (birth control pills, and even hormones)

Anyways here is a list of what I am recently using (some were sent to me to review, I will link the full reviews below, and my opinions as always are my own) Also these links are not affilate links, jsut links to help you find what I am talking about :), let me know if you have any questions!

AVOID: Bismuth Oxycholoride, talc, parabens, paraffin, petrolatum, 
For makeup you want to stick to something non commedigenic, oil-free, fragrance free, and natural. Mineral makeup is awesome, as long as it doesn't have any 

Natural liquid makeup (Click here to shop) in Sheer
Natural infusion lipstick (Click here to shop) in Sweet Apricot
Natural cream concealer (click here to shop) in fair

My personal favorite from BWC would have to be their liquid foundation! I have VERY fair skin, and have trouble finding makeup that is light enough for my skin tone (often it is too pink or dark) I was seriously freaking out when I saw how PERFECT their sheer foundation is, matched me just perfect, and offers full coverage, so if you have red skin and spots (common with perioral dermatitis) your skin will be fully covered. Love using their lipstick as a cream blush (just dot onto skin and rub in)! Loved everything from them, love the companies story and all they have to offer! Check out my full review (Here)

Rejuva Minerals
Natural Look pressed foundation (click here to shop) in St. Tropez

Natural look pressed foundation (click here to shop) in Nude
Eye shadow (click here to shop)  in Violet
Bronzer (click here to shop) in Caribbean
Eye crayon (click here to shop) in Dark chocolate

So I personally LOVE Rejuva's lipcrayon. It is the best eyeliner I have used ever! Seriously, and the fact that is all natural and vegan is amazing! I also LOVE their powdered foundation (in nude) if I am going out to a fancy event, pr just wanting a polished look (also works great as a setting powder over any liquid/ cream foundation! Their bronzers are perfect too, not to dark or sparkly, just solid color with a natural look. Very excited about trying out more from this company! You can read my full review for Rejuva minerals (Here).

Shampoo & Conditioner

AVOID: SLS! (any sulfates, Sodium Laureth/ Lauryl Sulfate)
Shampoos for me are the hardest to find! I would not consider myself very picky, but when it comes to chemicals, I want something pretty natural! I tried the whole "no poo" thing, both ACV & baking soda along with castille soap, and pretty much hated both methods. These shops offer my FAVORITE shampoos (along with haircare products & some even have body products, bodywash make sure it is SLS free too!) Check out what I am trying and loving right now!

Acure Organics
Lemongrass & Argan Stem cell shampoo (click here to shop)
Moroccan Argan stem cell & Argan oil shampoo (click here to shop)
Leave in conditioner (click here to shop)
Hair mask moisturizing root repair (click here to shop)

I love LOVE this brand! So many fun formulas. I love to use anything argan oil, they have the most AWESOME leave in conditioner/ finishing spray, smells like lemon and a little bit of aftershave, so good! If you are looking for clarify your scalp and remove buildup, be sure to try the lemongrass line, and if you want to treat damaged colored hair, try the moroccan argan oil line! I use both and love them! Read my full review (HERE)

Daily Conditioning Shampoo (click here to shop)
Spray therapy (click here to shop)

I am LOVING this shampoo, after using the shampoo and the spray therapy my hair is super sleek and soft. My husband noticed a difference, (which he doesn't notice usually) when I started using these products, it has been his favorite so far.

You can read my full review for DermOrganic (COMING SOON)

Henna Dream
Black castor shampoo (click here to shop)
Black castor conditioner (click here to shop)

Love Henna Dream! You can use henna as a natural hairdye, and be sure to checkout their natural shampoo and conditioner!

I love that the shampoo and conditioner are made from castor oil and shea butter, this shampoo and conditioner will moisturize your hair and soften it, leaving it super silky and smooth! Plus I love using their lavender oil on my face, and for aromatherapy to relieve stress and help me sleep! See my full review (HERE)

Beauty Without Cruelty
Mint Tea tree shampoo (Click here to shop)
Mint Tea tree conditioner (click here to shop)
Fragrance free body lotion (click here to shop)

Loving the fragrance free body lotion, just a simple but effective like all of BWC products! The lotion contains sunflower oil and safflower oil, both are great for acne prone skin, and some of my favorite oils!

Their shampoo and conditioner are scented with rosemary and mint, leaving you smelling fresh, clean and a bit earthy! Love that their products are vegetarian, 100% pure, SLS free, paraben free, with no syntheic fragrances! 


Mineral sunscreen by Kissmyface
AVOID: Chemical sunscreens, oil based, 
For people with perioral dermamtis, you want to stick to all natural mineral sunscreen (look for the active ingredient to be Zinc Oxide or even Titanium Dioxide as these ingredients are not irritating to your skin, and they sit on-top of skin, instead of chemical sunscreens which soak into the skin. Zinc oxide is AMAZING for skin as it actually soothes skin.

Kiss My Face
Natural Mineral sunscreen SPF 40 (click here to shop)
Kids Mineral sunscreen SPF 30 (click here to shop)
Natural Mineral spray sunscreen SPF 30 (click here to shop)

I personally love the spray sunscreen, as I often am running out the door, with makeup on, and last minute need to add sunscreen without ruining my makeup, super simple! Spray, pat and go. I also reviewed all three sunscreen, you can see my review (Here)

Chapstick & lipgloss:


AVOID: Petrolatum, parafin, 
Before I found out I had Perioral Dermatits, I used to just use plain old petroleum jelly, I liked that it was cheap, simple, and smoothing. I am not a huge lipgloss fan, definitely more of a chapstick/ tinted balm girl.

When shopping for lipbalm, try to stay away from any petrolatum, parrafin, and anything else irritating to the skin, I try to stay away from vaseline now, and stick to anything all natural. Just be really careful to makesure your lipbalm stays on your lips, and doesn't get wiped onto your face, because although your lips might be ok with using beeswax, lanolin and other moisturizing ingredients, these may worsen your rash if spread to your face.

Kiss My Face
Organic strawberry lipbalm (click here to shop)
Organic passionfruit lipbalm (click here to shop)

Love that these are both sheer not colored lipbalms, and that they are super smooth and not waxy at all.

Face creams & treatments
Calendula GelParabens, paraffin, fragrances, ect.
So I have been trying to be as simple with my skin care routine as I can. I have been staying away from any chemicals, any fragrances, and benzyl peroxide and saliciyc acid (some people CAN use but for some it can irritate skin further.

The only things I have been using on my face are, raw honey (to wash), tea tree oil (spot treat) & lavender essential oil (to sooth), calendula cream (all over treat & heal) and aloe vera gel. 

Calendula gel (click here to shop)
Calendula cream (click here to shop)
Oh my goodness, I LOVE THIS STUFF! For me this has been a lifesaver! I have tried everything on my skin, ACV, tea tree oil, honey, even rxs but nothing has cleared up my skin as much as this, seriously in love! Very soothing, anti-inflammatory, and heals skin/ scars, and clears up redness and acne. LOVE it! I would reccomend this product if you are looking for something that will help your perioral dermatitis, without being too strong! See my full review (HERE)

Lavender essential oil (click here to shop)
LOVE this essential oil, obviously it is Wonderful for perioral dermatitis and any skin inflammation, but it is also awesome for stress, depression, and anxiety. (Which can make peroiral dermatitis worse!) Aromatherapy is a all natural way to help relieve stress, calm nerves, and help you cope with perioral dermatitis. 

Toothpaste & mouthwash-
AVOID: Fluoride, SLS, tarter control, and any strong flavors (cinnamon)
It is really important to stick to a fluoride free toothpaste!

Basically thats all you need to know, you can make your own toothpaste, or tick to something all natural, that is fluoride and SLS free! You can buy this kind of toothpaste online, at a drugstore, or your local health food store.

Hair dye-
AVOID: Strong chemicals

Henna powder (click here to shop)
If you are looking for a all natural substitute for your regular hairdye, you can try Henna Dream's hair dye, no chemicals, all natural henna, so you can be sure you are not making your perioral dermatitis worse! You can check out my full review for more info on henna for your hair!

Morning regimen:
Lemon Juice----
In the morning, I usually start by wetting my face with just a little warm water. I then get a cotton ball soaked in lemon juice and dab the juice on any blemishes and discoloration.

After the lemon juice I mix a little bit of raw honey with water (or you can use it plain, but I like adding a drop of water to make it spread evenly) and rub that all over my face, I then pretend like it is a face wash and really rub it into my skin, focusing on any breakout prone areas. After I wash my face for about 2 minutes, I either wash the honey off, or if I have a late morning, I like to leave the honey on as a face mask, for 30 mins or so. (I usually leave my face mask on while I clean the house, or get everyone breakfast, but if you want you could do this at night if that is easier for you.

ACV & Witch Hazel---
After I wash off the honey with cool water, I pat my face dry then get out my homemade toner. Super easy all I do is mix about 1:3 part witch hazel, 1:3 Apple Cider Vinegar (raw/ unfiltered) to 1:3 water mixed with a few drops off tea tree oil. I mix everything up then soak cotton pads in a jar of the mix, but you can store them separate if you prefer.

Aloe Vera---
After the toner dries a bit, I rub on a dime size amount of pure 100% aloe vera gel. Rubbing it in as a face lotion and a primer all in one. If your skin is really struggeling, you could always add a little bit of tea tree oil to the gel for a all over treatment.

Tea Tree oil---
I like to use tea tree oil as my spot treatment. All you have to do is get out a cotton swab (for ears) I like to cut them in half and dip a clean swab into the tea tree oil, and dot it on any spots I have (after touching to your skin DON'T double dip into the oil, as that will contaminate it.) If the Tea tree oil is too strong, even with the base of Aloe Vera, you can always dilute it with oil, water, ect.

After my skin is dry, I apply my mineral sunscreen about a quarter size drop, massaging into my face and neck.

Last I apply all my makeup, foundation, concealer, blush, eyeliner, lipgloss ect.

Night regimen

Honey OR Oil Cleanse--Depending on the day, if I wore makeup I will wash it off, if I didn't then I might just skip this step and just wash with water, and tone. But you can just wash as directed above, leaving a mask on if you like. Some people like to do the Oil Cleansing Method, which I do love, but currently stopped doing for now, as it was breaking me out (which is a part of the detox, but couldn't handle it, will try again later)

ACV & Witch Hazel---
Again.....tone 1:3 part witch hazel, 1:3 Apple Cider Vinegar (raw/ unfiltered) to 1:3 water mixed with a few drops off tea tree oil.

Aloe Vera OR Calendula cream---
Again aloe vera as my moisturizer.

Treat & maybe try......

So I have read as much about perioal dermatitis as I can, these are all the main at home treatments I have heard about, but definitely let me know if I missed something or if you tried something and had great results! Everyone has different skin, so you may have to try a few different things to try to find what helps you out the most. Good luck! (* means I have tried)

*ACV (apple cider vinegar) Anti inflammatory, antibacterial,
*Greek yogurt
*Calendula cream
*Zinc Oxide
grapefruit seed extract-
violet extract/ Gentian violet-antibacterial & cleanser,
Black soap
*castor oil
Lotrimin antifungal cream clotrimazole(would not reccomend, as it is a steriod)
*Aloe vera- Soothes skin, anti-inflammatory
*coconut oil/ oil cleanse
Probiotic/ accidephilis
oil of oregano
*Zinc supplement
Evening primrose suppliments
*anti-finflammatory diet (LOW GI, sugar, starches, no dairy ect)
*Stress relief, yoga & meditation
Sulfur wash-

picture source
Picture source

Monday, March 31, 2014

DIY prom necklace

Allstarco  FIRST of all, this necklace was inspired by Allstarco! They sent me some amazing jewels to use in some DIY projects, so be sure to check them out! They have some AWESOME colorful jewels, and affordable prices, so be sure to give them some love! You can also see my review and what I got sent here (click to see my review!)

So I have been making alot of fun sparkly statement necklaces, and I thought with Prom right around the corner, its a perfect time to make a custom fancy jeweled bib to match your dress, or even wear to a summer wedding. These take a bit of time, but way worth it, so lets get started!

What you need:

Jewels (I got mine from Allstarco, I will link the exact ones I used below)
* Octagon pink jewels (click here to shop)
* Circle pink & white jewels  (click here to shop)
* Oval pink & white jewels  (click here to shop)
* Navette Pink jewels (click here to shop)
* Heart jewels  (click here to shop)
* Square jewels  (click here to shop)

Tulle or sheer netting- a small scrap, you can use any color, I prefer white
Ribbon- any color to match your necklace
Glue- you can use fabric glue, but I prefer E6000 or any strong clear glue


I like to start off with a design in mind, you can look online at statement necklaces for inspiration, But I like to first pick a color theme, and then gather all my jewels I might use. For this prom necklace I wanted to sick to shades of pink, so I looked through all my jewels, gathering any hot pink, pink, or light pink jewels, I also grabbed some clear jewels and then from there I can use the jewels to come up with a design idea.

So after gathering your jewels you plan on using, play  around with them until you find a look you like. It really can be any style, I like to first pick a large jewel for the center, then work my way around filling in with other jewels. If you are making a floating necklace, be sure to create a top row of jewels, so you can attach ribbon at the end. You can create the look however you want, starting with the top row, or working from the center out! Once you have finished the final look, take a picture of it for reference, then get your tulle/ netting and glue and get started!

Lay your tulle down on a flat surface (anywhere you don't mind getting glue on, you can cover your work surface with wax paper if you like) slowly take one jewel at a time from the necklace above, and glue it onto the tulle, I find it is easiest to start either at the top row ("the necklace band") Or from the center out. Be careful to either look at your necklace picture so you can remember what goes where, OR be sure not to move the layed out jewels to much, so you can know where everything must go.

Again you can lay out the top row of jewels if you prefer, but just to show you, I will be starting from the center and working my way out.

SO starting with the top center jewel, glue it carefully on the tulle. Next add the jewels next to the center jewels and the jewel directly below, gluing them close to each other not leaving much space. Then you can add the navette cluster on both sides.

Next I added the two jewels on each side of the top row, creating a slight curve

(so it with curve naturally like a necklace when worn, if you don't gradually place each jewel above the last jewel and put them directly next to eachother, then the necklace wont fit around your neck very well.) Then add the tiny square below the center round jewel.

Next I like to add in some "filler" jewels, So I added two ovals under the top row, and added two heart jewels on each side of the bottom square.

Almost done! I added two more navette/ horse eye jewels on each side of the top row, and added in two more clear circle jewels under each oval. Once all the jewels are all layed out let the glue sit for a couple hours, or over night (you might want to slowly lift up the necklace one more time, so the glue doesn't stick to much to your work surface, because if it does, it can rip the necklace, so be very careful to make sure too much glue is not stuck to the surface!

So in the morning your necklace should be perfectly set, make sure all the jewels are really glued on then get out some scissors to cut out the extra tulle.

Carefully cut away the tulle/ netting creating a loose rounded edge around all the jewels. Try not to cut sharp edges as they can tear, you have to be really careful, as the tulle is very delicate.

You should be able to see a slight outline of the tulle, but once placed on skin, you wont be able to see it at all! If you have darker skin you can even buy a darker tulle color to help it disappear.

Last all you need to do is pick out some ribbon, and glue two pieces onto each side on the necklace (on the top end jewels) I like to use either a white or a matching color ribbon so the focus stays on the necklace, but pick whatever you like best!

Again I would let the glue set overnight for the ribbon, just to be sure it wont fall off while wearing, you can then cut the ends to whatever length you want, and to finish the ribbons ends, be sure to carefully melt the ends with a candle flame.